Ek wil net baie graag vir Natalie Swanepoel bedank vir die 3 dae "life
coaching" wat ek by haar gedoen het, dit het totaal en al my lewe verander
op n baie positiewe wyse. 

My denke, manier van dinge doen, hoe ek ander sien as ook die belangrikste
hoe ek my self sien en aanvaar het n virskil gemaak op my daaglikse manier
van leefwyse. 

Ek kan Natalie Swanpoel aanbeveel as een van die beste "life coaches" baie
dankie jy het n groot positiewe impak gemaak op my lewe gemaak. 


I started seeing Natalie a few months ago and I can positively say that
after each and every session with her I felt a difference. She is a great
factor in my journey . She makes sure that I know that her support
continues after each session. I can truly say that Natalie goes above and
beyond when it comes to one's recovery no matter what the reason you are
there for. With each session I felt that not only does she conduct herself
in a professional manner but also connect with you and makes you feel
comfortable. There's  numorious reasons that i would recommend Natalie but
if I had to point out the most important reason  for me,  would be her
honesty and there is no way around it.

Kindest Regards



“Toe ek die dag hier by Natalie Swanepoel in gestap het was ek nie seker of sy my kan help nie ek het baie getwyfel en kop wou nie stil bly nie.  Maar soos elke minuut verby gaan voel dit net amazing en voel dit asof een vir een laagie probleem weg gevat word en heeltemal vergeet word.  Natalie het my gewys dat jy is die eenigste mens wat jou sukses bepaal of onsukses maak en dit is jy wat en dit is jy wat in beheer is van jou lewe maak nie saak wie, wat of vanwaar jy kom nie.  Natalie is fantasies en briljant in haar werk en toon ‘n groot passie vir dit en wil dit met die wereld deel.  As iemand oof fisies of emoisioneel radeloos voel en met geen doel lewe sal ek aanbeveel kom na Natalie Swanepoel sy laat jou alles weer sien en voel en alles val in plek hoe langer jy by haar is.  Ek is vandag klaar met haar sessies maar voel asof elke dag nog gaan voel soos ‘n sessie saam haar, maar ek weet ek kan alles doen en bereik deur haar lesse wat geleer is en kennis wat opgebou is oor die 3 dae saam met haar.”




“My Name is Susan Mpofy. I went to see Natalie because of the dispute that has been going on for years in my family.


This whole thing made me angry and bitter and felt like my life was stuck. I went to two different counselors but nothing changed in me until I met Natalie. She flipped the coin and showed me that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and every situation we encounter in our life’s is there 2 teach us a lesson, She said to me instead of dwelling in our past learn from those experiences and count your blessings because if you focus on the negative or positive it will expand so choice is yours.


I’m glad to say that after I choose positivity and happiness. I’m now a small business owner because of her; I sorted things with my family. Were now a happy family again and I can see my niece and nephews anytime and any day.”

Big up to Natalie



"Seeing Natalie made me realize how much I disliked myself and how much I thought I didn't 
deserve love and happiness. She has made me realize that I am amazingly beautiful, sexy and wonderful woman (of which I never really thought I was) and that I deserve all the love and happiness in the world. I was able to release built up emotions in our weekly sessions. Natalie is
definitely an inspiration and has definitely got a gift and helps you become a better you, a  you that is hidden in all of us, we just need to realise it. So once again, thank you Natalie - you have helped not only me, but my mom and I am so grateful to you!"


"My Mother suffered with depression when her mother died and a few months later I
left to go live in the UK. During this time my mother was suffering with depression
of which, her doctor put her onto anti-depressants. This pills changed my mom, I
hadn't realised how much so until I moved back home 4years later. My mom was happy
and excited to see me, and I her. But she was different, we started fighting a lot
and being really mean to each other. I was reacting to how my mother was feeling and
how these pills had changed my mom into a stranger and a person that I really
disliked. When I looked into her eyes and didn't see my mom. She was seeing a
psychologist at this point, and my opinion was not helping the situation but making
it worse (as to why I shall keep to myself). My mom decided to make a brave decision
and go off of the anti-depressant. This wasn't an easy process either, as there was
a roller coaster of emotions firing off my mom - me and my family bearing the brunt
of this. Just like the seasons I experienced in the UK - She was happy, sad, angry,
depressed all in one day. I was thinking that I had made the wrong choice by coming
home and wished that I could either go back to England or back into time where I had
a relationship with my mom or better yet knew who she was. She then started seeing
Natalie for life coaching sessions. I could not believe the difference, so much so
that I decided to go see her myself. With seeing Natalie, my mom realised that the
problem or issues where with her, and not with us. She realised that she needed to
work on these issues and make herself happy. I'm so happy and thankful that I have
my mom back. I see HER when I look into her eyes. Her facial features have even
changed from being hard to soft and happy. It's so good to see my mom smile, laugh
and sing most days! Thank you Natalie for helping her and in turn helping us all
live a happier family life!"

"I would highly recommend utilising the services of Natalie Swanepoel my NPL Life
Coach.  From being on an emotional roller coaster some five weeks ago and not really
liking people by feeling abused by them, I am feeling positive and ready to interact
with people that I previously did not want to interact with.
I am grateful for Natalie being my coach as regards my business as well.  I was
trudging along with not a lot of gusto and not a lot of future goals/strategies have
learned to be grateful for the what and who I have around me.
I've learned to set goals and to stick to those goals in both my personal and
business spheres.
I have achieved the short-term and some if the medium term goals set, and am looking
forward to achieving the other medium and long-term goals.
It is amazing how different I feel within the short space of time.
My friends and family can certainly see a difference in my attitude.  They see a
more positive and friendlier person.
Thank you Natalie for your support"