Live Skill Diversion Program for Teens

13 Jan 2017

Life Skill Diversion program for Teens

Purpose of Workshop:

This workshop is for teens not just struggling with Depression, Anger Management, Low Self-esteem challenges however also assist in making the correct choices for their future. During the process of this workshop the delegate will be coached to deal with negative emotions as well as receiving the tools to assist them with dealing with group pressure, abuse verbally and physical as well as the day to day challenges of being a Teenager.

The Workshop also includes training on life skills and how to handle life as it happens.  During this process the delegate will be equipment with skills in taking responsibility of their actions and to be in control without using violence.

For more information with regards to this workshop please contact me direct on 084 393 7989 (reference can be supplied on request)

Let’s help our Teenagers understand what they are going through and support them during this process.