About us

I have been coaching since 2011. Within my personal capacity I have been able to achieve tremendous growth through the years, attracting the positive things I wanted in life. From standing at the end of my own world, at the end where I was about to lose everything in my life. I have found the secret and started studding more in to the law of attraction. I created my new life daily, and while doing this I also assisted others to create their new better and improved life. As the saying goes, “Your wish is my command” – The Secret Rhonda Byrne I was able after finding myself in a financial difficulty to manifest a new “job” with more than double my Salary, I was able to manifest a home loan approval after it was declined. I was able to manifest money and a multiple source of income and being able to take care of my child.
I’m not going to tell you it is just with a flick of an eye, it does take work like everything ells in life; you have to want to change and make the change you want to want to have a better life. Once you have that, you know you are ready to start with a better more prosperous life for you. I cannot teach you how to get rich quick; however I can teach you how to have a happy fulfilled life, leaving behind all the negative stuff in life that is pulling you back.

I can write you a list or most probably a book of all the ups and downs and mostly downs and financial stress till I have learned about the Law of attraction and how to fully and completely let go of all the negative emotions in my life that caused me not to take the responsibility for my actions and understanding that I have created this for myself.

You can do it to.